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Billboard Delivers Clear Message to Catholic Voters

Today Catholic Defense League of Minnesota (CDLMN) announced it has added a billboard advertisement as a follow-up to its newspaper ad which ran in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sunday. The east-facing digital billboard is located on Interstate 694 at Lexington Avenue in Shoreview, Minnesota.  The advertisement is estimated to receive nearly 28,000 views per more »

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‘Abortion Is Catholic Social Justice’ Campaign Draws Wide Catholic Rebuke

From National Catholic Register A full-page ad blitz with the words “Public funding of abortion is a Catholic social-justice value” has made a splash in major newspapers across the United States. But Catholic bishops and lay leaders have seized on the campaign as an opportunity to rebuke the abortion lobby group that is sponsoring the more »

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Catholic Defense League of Minnesota Runs Advertisement Debunking Pro-Abortion Propaganda

Today Catholic Defense League of Minnesota (CDLMN) sponsored an advertisement in the Minneapolis Star Tribune challenging the recent deceptive pro-abortion ad from a group calling itself “Catholics for Choice.” “Our ad seeks to set the record straight on what is authentic Catholic teaching on abortion,” said Val Baertlein, spokesperson for CDLMN.  The ad cites the more »

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Katherine Kersten comments on new local podcast about sex

Kerri Miller, Minnesota Public Radio’s midmorning news host, recently launched “SmartSex,” a podcast, Miller hosts outside of her MPR duties. With expert interviews and advice, “SmartSex” aims to offer women frank discussions on sex and sexuality — a task that is easier said than done. [snip] Miller admitted that some listeners “will feel a dissonance.” more »

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Cancel the Anti-Catholic ‘The Real O’Neals’ Show!

“The Real O’Neals,” is based on the life of a foul-mouthed, raging anti-Catholic bigot, Dan Savage. The episodes were, predictably, filled with anti-Catholic stereotypes. Catholics are asked to write to Ben Sherwood, Disney/ABC Chief, and program advertisers. —Bill Donohue, President, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights —List and advertiser contact info HERE. Letter from more »

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CDL demands apology from former DFL candidate for anti-Catholic rant

Candidate embraced by Dayton, Franken, and DFL leadership for his leadership on LGBT issues is now attacking Supreme Court Justice as ‘Papist’ The Catholic Defense League calls on 2012 candidate for State House Jeff Wilfahrt to apologize for his anti-Catholic rant on, and for the prominent DFL politicians who recruited him, to denounce his more »

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Take time to learn before criticizing

Readers Write – Star Tribune Dec. 15 CATHOLIC CHURCH Take time to learn before criticizing In “Women of the Bible were pivotal in their own right” (Dec. 10), the letter writer states: “A distortion of the story that begins in Genesis 25:23, deliberately sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church as part of its early efforts more »

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